Must Know Words And Phrases In Every Language

A language is a fundamental tool of communication, or we might say that a desire for communication led to “Language making”. The old proverb, “necessity is the mother of invention” fits best here. Charles Winick has defined language as a system of arbitrary and vocal signs that are used for expressing communicable feelings and thoughts thereby enabling two people amongst themselves or members of a group or community to interact. It is a medium of oral expression.

Language has been the most evolving segment of any civilization. Different civilizations brought with them, different ways to speak. Humans are blessed with the highest degree of communication and expression. It aids Social contact, stands as a strong mode of culture carrier, helps in the easy conveyance of ideas and a lot more.

When you travel to a new city or a country, you do witness a change in the way people speak. This change can be very little or maybe immense, ranging just from a commutation in dialect or an entire language. People make conversation in the language they speak. Sometimes they speak more than one language and it becomes easier if the other party also knows it.

The problem arises when neither of those in the conversation understands nor speak the language known to each other. In such circumstances, one must be informed about certain phrases in well-known languages spoken all around the world.  

Phrases like, Thank you, Good, Please, Sorry, “I don’t know this language”, Excuse Me, Hello etc. Translation of these useful phrases in various prominent languages are listed below:

HELLO: (English)

French: Bonjour Japanese: Kon’nichiwa  (遠くの人への注意を引くのに用い)
Chinese: Ni Hao (感叹词) German: Halo
Spanish: Hola Tamil: ஹலோ
THANK YOU: (English)
French: Je vous remercieJapanese: Arigatogazaimashita  感謝の
Chinese: Xiexie 感谢German: Danke dir
Spanish: GraciasHindi: Dhanyawad

PLEASE: (English)

French: S’il vous Plait Chinese: Qing 及物动词
Spanish: Porfavor Japanese: Onegaishimasu 喜ばせる
German: bitte   Hindi: kripya कृपया  

Language is the most important aspect of our being. It is important, though a matter of choice or may be a need to learn other languages as well. There have been cognitive benefits of learning more than one or two languages.  It opens up your world to new opportunities for employment. It imbibes a feeling of great self-confidence and gives your brain a boost.

Learning new Languages helps you establish deep connections far wide. You get to know an outsider’s perspective about your own country. Knowing at least the most common phrases, in various languages makes you stay smart in touristed areas. Travel becomes even more interesting and you tend to meet new and fascinating people. However, you also can end your fear of looking stupid in a place where the language is spoken is not what you generally speak.

If you are an artist by profession. The passion for your art could be defined by the fact how you chase it. Working on your art in the language to which it belongs is the most stunning aspect of an artist. There are high chances of cognitive flexibility. It means you can switch swiftly between two contrasting situations. How cool would that be!You get to mingle with the locals of a new place and get to know more about it if you are aware of some very common phrase, if not the entire language. Knowledge opens up your mind to the whole new world. Knowing about different languages opens up your mind to a distinctive culture.